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Worldwide there are several different types of valve connections for propane, butane and LPG containers. Often there are different standards even per country, no matter whether gas cylinders are used in the leisure sector for barbecues, in campers or in industry as propellant.

Below we have compiled an overview of the valve connections available worldwide.

On request, we can supply all the valves listed below individually or pre-assembled on composite, aluminium or steel gas cylinders.

Connector types

NameStandardThread typeNominal diameterOuter diameter (mm)ThreadThread (mm)InterfaceDirection
1 ¾” x 6 ACME (G.31)Autogas Acme1-3/4″44.54 tpi6350EXTRH
1 1/4″ x 5 ACME (G.29)EN 15202No thread
1 1/4″ x 5 ACME LH (G.30)EN 15202No threadLH
7/16″ UNEFEN 4177/16-28 NS4384128 tpi0.907EXT
ABNT NBR 13794ABNT NBR 8614NPT3/4″4384914 tpi1814
ABNT NBR 8614 aABNT NBR 8614NPT3/8″43960No thread
ABNT NBR 8614 bABNT NBR 8614NPT3/4″4384914 tpi1814
BayonetAutogas BayonetNo thread
Bayonet campingNo threadEXTn.a.
Butane Canister, 8-oz.No threadEXTn.a.
Camping gas VBC02 (G.3)EN 15202Metric (ISO 261)16.0 mm16.01.5 mm1500INTRH
Camping gas VBC03 (G.33)EN 15202BSP3/8″4402819 tpi
DIN 477-1 No. 4DIN 477-1 No. 4BSP3/8″4402819 tpi
DishAutogas DishNo threadINT
Euro NozzleAutogas EuroNo threadEXT
EU-Shell (G.8)EN 15202BSW21.8 mm4406414 tpi1814EXTLH
G 3/8 LH (G.33)EN 15202BSP3/8″4402819 tpi
G 3/8 LH EN ISO 228-1 (G.25)EN 15202No threadLH
Gaz (G.3)EN 15202Metric (ISO 261)16.0 mm16.01.5 mm1500INTRH
GF – Grossflasche (G.04)EN 15202SI21.8 mm440641.814 mm1814EXTLH
IS-8737IS-8737No thread
Ital. A (EN 16129 G.1)EN 15202BSW20.0 mm20.014 tpi1814EXTLH
KHK S0126 clip onKHK S0126No thread
KLF – Kleinflasche (G.12)EN 15202BSW21.8 mm4406414 tpi1814EXTLH
Liquid withdrawal VL07EN 15202NGO0.885″4406414 tpi1814INTLH
Neck valve 20 mm (G.64)EN 1520220.0 mm20.0No threadINT
POL 105 (EN 16129 G.7)EN 15202BSP5/8″4409614 tpi1814INTLH
POL US (G.9)EN 15202NGO0.880″4391214 tpi1814INTLH
POL-WS (G.10)EN 15202NGO0.880″4391214 tpi1814INTLH
Primus (G.32)EN 15202Metric (ISO 261)14.0 mm14.01.5 mm1500INTRH
QCC Type 1 (G.9)EN 152021-5/16″33.35 tpi5080EXTRH
Quick coupling 16 mm (G.50)EN 1520216.0 mm16.0No threadINT
Quick coupling 19 mm (G.51)EN 1520219.0 mm19.0No threadINT
Quick coupling 20 mm (G.52)EN 1520220.0 mm20.0No threadINT
Quick coupling 21 mm (G.53)EN 1520221.0 mm21.0No threadINT
Quick coupling 21.7 mm threaded (G.57)EN 1520221.7 mm44064No thread
Quick coupling 22 mm (G.54)EN 1520222.0 mm22.0No thread
Quick coupling 24.4 mm (G.58)EN 1520224.4 mm43945No thread
Quick coupling 24.5 mm (G.55)EN 1520224.5 mm43975No thread
Quick coupling 24.5 mm (G.60)EN 1520225.4 mm43946No thread
Quick coupling 27 mm (G.59)EN 1520227.0 mm27.0No thread
Quick coupling 35 mm Jumbo (G.56)EN 1520235.0 mm35.0No thread
Quick coupling bayonet (G.61)EN 15202No thread
Quick Coupling Fork Lift (G.66)EN 15202No thread
Quick Coupling Fork Lift Bayonet (G.65)EN 15202No thread
SAEF 1/2″SAEFSAEF 1/2″4402413 tpi1954INTRH
SANS 10019 small cylindersSANS 10019BSP3/8″4402819 tpi
Shell-F (G.2)EN 15202SI21.7 mm4406414 tpi1814EXTLH
SNI 1591 : 2008 aSNI 1591NPT1/2″44024
SNI 1591 : 2008 bSNI 1591NPT3/4″43849No thread
SNI 1591 : 2008 cSNI 1591NPT3/4″43849No thread
Threaded connection W 14,8 x 1/18 (G.21)EN 1520214.8 mm440641.41 mm1814EXTLH
VP01 (G.9)EN 15202POL
VP02 (G.9)EN 15202POL
VP03 (G.9)EN 15202POL
W 21,8 x 1,814 LH – 55° (G.05)EN 15202BSW21.8 mm4406414 tpi1814EXTLH
W 21,8 x 1,814 LH (G.19)EN 1520221.8 mm440641.814 mm1814EXTLH
W 22 x 1,155 LH (G.06)EN 15202No threadLH

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